We believe in doing what's right

At the end of the day, we know that there is always a right and wrong decision; at Hoegg Software we strive to make the correct decision for the betterment of our clients, without compromising our values. We’re not demanding people be paladins here, or have a desire to micromanage; we just want people that will make the right calls and always strive to be good, responsible adults.

We choose perpetual learning

Are you the kind of person that perpetually strives to keep learning and expanding your breadth of knowledge? Do you always keep learning and never settle on the fallacy that you obviously know everything? We appreciate the experiences you are bringing to the table and want you to push yourself to new heights.

We figure things out

Are you a person that, when presented with a problem, you refuse to throw up your hands in defeat? Do you create solutions in the face of adversity without being told what to do every step of the way? Do you look at the status quo and immediately start to question it? Not to date ourselves terribly, but we are basically looking for MacGyvers around here; so, what can you do with 2 paperclips and some silly putty?

We teach people to fish, together

Many of our projects need team players, and the size of our company dictates that we all need to work together to get things done properly. We look for people that will care equally about their colleagues as they do their clients in the best of ways. None of us have all the answers, but enough of us working together and collaborating will have a better chance at finding solutions ourselves.

We are always looking for our next teammate

Hoegg Software is always on the lookout for talented professionals that fit these core values, even when we might not have a pressing need to hire immediately. The nature of our clientele means something could come around at literally any point of a given day, creating a need to hire an additional employee or challenge a new contractor.

Please click the link to send a copy of your resume with current contact information, so that we can retain it and reach out if a client need happens to arise.


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