DevOps Health Check

What is the health check?

The health check is a quick, basic and imprecise tool to help you ascertain how your DevOps practices stack against high performing IT organizations.  Additionally, it provides a simple way to start a conversation around healthy software practices at your workplace.  

Fill out the survey and one of the Hoegg Software staff will follow up shortly.

To learn more about best practices related to DevOps, check out the 2017 State of DevOps Report published by DORA and Puppet.    

Name *
How often do you deploy code to production?
How much time do you need between deciding you're going to deploy code and actually deploying code?
When a service impairment incident occurs, how long does it take to restore service, on average?
What % of changes made in your production environment result in failure or need remediation?
Anything else want to share or any questions you might have?