Ryan Hoegg


Ryan is the Founder of Hoegg Software. 

Hoegg Software provides very specialized consulting services relating to MuleSoft and DevOps, and Ryan personally was one of the early adopters of MuleSoft and presented at the first MuleSoft conference in 2010. He is one of the leading practitioners in the country and has been involved in MuleSoft implementation, consulting, training, and curriculum development. 

Ryan has always sought out opportunities to learn outside his comfort zone, be it in systems administration, networking, enterprise architecture, performance tuning, or functional programming. He contributes to open source software, recruits teams, sets up DevOps stacks, designs REST APIs, and teaches agile techniques. He leans towards agile and lean thinking, REST APIs, empiricism, dynamic languages, NoSQL data solutions, open source, Theory Y management, and spare documentation. He enjoys discussing these things with those who disagree, and has learned a lot in the process.